Some words about my practice

In my healing practice I create a series of sessions to suit your needs which can integrate aspects from the full range of my work, or utilise a particular offering.  I recommend that we talk first on the phone and / or you come in for a free consultation, to help us get clear about which is the best direction for you. This gives us a good opportunity to see if a productive healing relationship can be formed.

I hold what you share in confidence.  My practice is a safe and non-judgemental place to explore what can be deeply troubling and personal.  It is not always easy opening up to another person and my intention is for you to feel secure in doing so.  It is important to me that you feel safe, seen, heard and supported.

Everyone is welcome in my practice.  I have worked with babies through to ninety plus year olds; here in the UK and abroad; with many nationalities, beliefs and faiths; with all genders and identities.  I have worked with the dying; with life threatening illness; and with those in the pit of despair.  My approach is broad, and I have worked with hundreds of people suffering from a wide range of issues and ailments.

If I am not the correct practitioner for you, I will seek to refer you to another specialist.  Examples of this are when you might benefit from an approach such as Acupuncture, Chiropractic or Nutritional Therapy.  Sometimes I have organised for other specialists and I to provide joint care.  Also, whilst I often work with babies and children with Craniosacral Therapy, I am not trained in counselling children so if this is something you need, I will look to refer you on.  

Finally, please note that I receive supervision and support for my work.  For my Craniosacral and Integrative Counselling work, my supervisors and I are committed to a detailed code of conduct which includes confidentiality.  I apply the same principles to my Shamanic / Spiritual work, and receive support from leading teachers and lifetime practitioners of different approaches and traditions.