Stoneriver Therapy is a holistic healthcare practice which provides a unique and dynamic approach to health and wellbeing, integrating body, mind and spirit.

Most of us want to feel healthy, happy and fully alive, yet often we are affected by a wide range of issues, ailments and problems.  These can impact us physically, emotionally and / or mentally. Through the provision of tailored and co-created therapeutic sessions, Stoneriver Therapy can help you to feel better and to reach your full potential.  

Offerings include Craniosacral TherapyCounselling / PsychotherapyShamanic Practice and Holistic Homestay

Some people want to come to Stoneriver Therapy for a particular therapy or combination of therapies, and some people aren’t initially sure what they need. Either way, I offer a free first consultation, so that we can discuss what you’d like to get from therapy and how we might get there.  Below is a brief overview of each offering - click on the link if you’d like more detailed information.  

Craniosacral Therapy is a profound yet gentle hands on treatment for the whole body, which eases pain and discomfort and promotes wellbeing.  It also helps to release stress, tension and trauma, which can negatively impact our health when stored up in the body.

Counselling / Psychotherapy gives you a place to talk and be really heard, in order to work through some of the major issues and challenges that typically affect us in life.  It can also help you to explore some of life’s big questions, to find meaning and discover new possibilities and directions.

Shamanic Practice draws upon global indigenous wisdom and practice to provide an intuitive and creative approach to health and healing, which integrates the spiritual with the physical and the energetic.  It can be extremely powerful, and has been practiced for tens of thousands of years.

Holistic Homestay offers a residential therapeutic / healing experience which is tailored to your needs.  Offerings include all of the above, coaching, sensorimotor psychotherapy (a neurobiological approach to managing trauma and stress), walks in nature and healthy, organic food.  

Stoneriver Therapy is near Edinburgh, located in the middle of Haddington, East Lothian, just off the A1.  It is within quick easy reach of most of central Scotland.  Where appropriate, sessions can also be organised online.

In order to book, for further information and / or to arrange a free initial consultation, please call Frederick on 07875 518 069 or visit the contact page.